We provide various services based on 4 core technologies.


  • E-FORM Mask applied with photolithography process provides the best printing quality.
  • The most accuracy can be achieved.
  • With its high printing ability and durability, it is applied to the manufacture of electronic parts and semiconductor manufacturing that requires fine pitch
  • It is a stencil that can make a perfect opening shape of straight line, sphere and round.
  • It can freely control the thickness required by the customer.
  • It can realize the opening accuracy of ± 3㎛ and tehe opening Ra value of less than 0.1㎛.
  • COB mask can be applied and partial half etching can be applied.


  • Smart phone
  • Wearable
  • Flexible
  • Hydrogen vehicle
  • Alternative energy


MaterialNi + Co Alloy(HV450 or more))
Processing Thickness20㎛, 25㎛, 35㎛, 50㎛, 60㎛, 80㎛, 100㎛
Thickness Precision± 10%
Processing Precision± 3㎛
Minimum Openingminimum 20㎛
Applied ProductsWafer Bumping, Electrode Printing, Next-generation Metal Masks
Deliverywithin 6 ~ 7 days
Frame Size650mm × 550mm or 736mm × 736mm
Draining of PasteExcellent
Feature Photo-mask is manufactured after designing Auto CAD
Patterning by applying photolithography process
Manufacture plating layer for selected patterns with Ni + Co
Thickness of plating can be freely changed
Unlike laser cutting method, no burr in the opening
Laser, the most precise pattern and accuracy compared to etching
All kinds of patterns and structures can be made
Alternative technology Laser Mask, Etching Mask
Applied Fields Semi-conductor, LED, Electric Parts

Metal Mask Products

G6080 LPKF Laser SUS 304H-TA CAM Data laser direct processing

G6080 LPKF Laser Ni + Co E-FORM Plate manufacturing Direct laser processing on plate

Photolithography application to ferric chloride SUS 304H-TA material

Photolithography application after Laser Cut + Half Etching SUS 304H-TA

Photolithography application after Laser Cut + Half Etching SUS 304H-TA

Nano Coating after G6080 LPKF Laser US 304H-TA electrolytic polishing