Understanding current of the times and leading technology trend
with new idea and strategy through change, challenge, and innovation.

2015.03Development Agreement of PEMFC fuel cell with POSCO
2015.03Development Agreement with Kyungpook Creative economy innovation center
2015.01Development of fuel cell divider plate for hydrogen vehicle
2015.01Development of VCM spring 16M for smart phone
2014.12Incorporation of factory, Hanoi, Vietnam (Quang Minh industrial complex)
2014.05New factory construction and expansion
2014.02Small company of February of Gumi city
2013.07Development of TCO electrode pattern etching for OLED
2012.05Development of VCM spring 8M & 13M for smartphone
2012.03Receiving IR52 Jang young sil award - (FG Metal mask)
2011.07Development of mobile super-slim ITO Flim pattern etching
2011.01Development of Fine Metal Mask for AM OLED
2011.01Development of fuel cell stack divider plate for ship construction
2010.01DPW type ITO glass pattern etching development
2009.10Hybrid screen mask development and patent application (Localization)
2009.01Ministry of Knowledge Economy development business
(Ministry of trade, industry and energy)
2008.12Cooperation wiyj Gumi Electronics information technology research institute
2008.12INNO-BIZ certification
2008.07University & industry cooperation with Kumoh National Institute of Technology
2007.10TSP Dot Spacer metal mask development
2006.12Foundation of corporation of Tianjin factory in China
2005.09Smartphone VCM Spring development(first time in Korea)
2005.05Foundation of Chunan factory in Chungnam
2005.05Foundation of Enterprise Institute
2004.08venture business certification
2004.06Electroforming method ultra-precision Metal mask Manufacturing
and technology patent application (localization)
2003.04ISO 9001 & 14001 certification
2002.11Exportation Promising small company
2002.09Components specialized company certification
2002.09Digital innovation top 100
2002.02Promising small company
2000.12Change Corporation YOUNGJIN ASTECH CO.,LTD,
2000.06Gumi factory construction and business relocation
1999.02Metal Mask ultrasonic cleaner development
1997.06Precision photoetching business
1995.08Laser Machine introduction(Metal Mask)
1987.06Metal Mask business (Photo etching)
1981.06Metal printing and Precision printing business
1978.01Foundation of YOUNGJIN Special precision