Etching Mask

We provide various services based on 4 core technologies.


  • Photolithography process is applied and it is made by photo etching technology.
  • It can make various shapes can be made and application field is wide.
  • Various options are available depending on the application.
  • Various materials and various thicknesses are available.


  • Smart phone
  • Wearable
  • Flexible
  • Hydrogen vehicle
  • Alternative energy


MaterialSUS 304, Invar, Nickel Alloy and all other materials
Processing thickness30㎛, 40㎛, 50㎛, 60㎛, 80㎛, 100㎛, 120㎛
Thickness precision± 5%
Processing precisioncompared to thickness ± 10% (±10~15㎛)
Minimum Openingminimum 30㎛(compared to thickness 150%)
Applied ProductsQFP, CSP, 0402, 0603 Fine Pitch, Bump, Shadow Mask such as BGA , IC Lead Frame, VCM Spring,
Sensor, Metal filter, etc.
Deliverywithin 2 ~ 4 days
Frame SizeNo relevance to the thickness of less than 750mm × 1000mm or less, Possible.
Draining of PasteExcellent
Feature Photo-mask manufactured after designing Auto CAD
Patterning onto materials by applying photolithography process
Precise etching by spraying FeCI3
Can process all kinds of materials
Low molding cost, quick delivery, low cost
Unlike laser cutting method, no burr in the opening
Alternative technology E-FORM Mask
Applied Fields Surface Mounting (SMT), Highly integrated circuit printing, Vacuum deposition, Components

Metal Mask Products

G6080 LPKF Laser SUS 304H-TA CAM Data laser direct processing

G6080 LPKF Laser Ni + Co E-FORM Plate manufacturing Direct laser processing on plate

Photolithography application to ferric chloride SUS 304H-TA material

Photolithography application after Laser Cut + Half Etching SUS 304H-TA

Photolithography application after Laser Cut + Half Etching SUS 304H-TA

Nano Coating after G6080 LPKF Laser US 304H-TA electrolytic polishing