CEO Message

Understanding current of the times and leading technology trend
with new idea and strategy through change, challenge, and innovation.

Youngjin Astech, a compound word combining its Korean name Youngjin and A-S-TECH(The Most Advanced Science and Technology), implies its corporate vision in the 21st century that leads the market by introducing technological innovation and new technology.

Since its foundation in 1978, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. has been leading the metal mask market through quality innovation and technological innovation based on its management goals of achieving the highest quality and customer satisfaction.
In the 1970s, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. produced a variety of etching products and metal printing products such as metal nameplate and metal craft. However, from the 1980s, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. produced and supplied the stencil mask mounted on surface mounting equipment in tandem with the industrial development. By incorporating the accumulated know-how of etching technology and new laser system by introducing high-precision laser machine in Aug, 1995, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. has started producing and supplying the best stencil mask and other electronic parts.

Additionally, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. has developed a washing machine for the metal mask and succeeded in fully localizing it, taking a dramatic turn in its business. Furthermore, in 2001, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. acquired ISO 9001 certification and achieved the quality management system and the quality reliability improvement, which became the basis of the highest quality policy. In 2002, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. was selected as an excellent SME and became a company recognized both internally and externally.
As we always have been in the past, Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. will strive to meet customers' expectations with customer-oriented thinking, technological innovation and quality innovation and to contribute to the realization of the best products.