Understanding current of the times and leading technology trend
with new idea and strategy through change, challenge, and innovation.

The major products of YOUNGJIN ASTECH CO..LTD are metal mask, photo etching, Electroforming, and jig that has been producing and supplying various kind of core electric component since foundation of YOUNGJIN Special Precision in 1978.

YOUNGJIN ASTECH CO..LTD is the only company producing and supplying various electronic components by designing and manufacturing laser, photoetching, Electroforming, and CNC/MCT technology.


Introduction of out business sites

Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. has its business sites in various places in the world.

Head office, Laboratory - Laser, Photo Etching, Electro Forming

Gumi Factory No 2 - Photo Etching, CNC

Cheonan Factory - Laser, CNC

Tianjin, China Factory - Laser, Others

Hanoi, Vietnam Factory - Laser, CNC, Others