Laser Mask

We provide various services based on 4 core technologies.


  • Cold-rolled thin sheet SUS is machine by laser and printed on PCB Pad to enable fine/high precision surface mounting.
  • It is a representative Quick Delivery & High Accuracy product.
  • It is a stencil enabling printing with excellent repeatability and precision desired by customers.
  • Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd. has the laser mask manufacturing technology of about 40 years, and also produces and supplies from its plants in overseas countries such as Hanoi plant in Vietnam and Tianjin plant in China.
  • Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd.‘s Laser Mask provides the best stencil printing required for SMT from design to manufacturing.
  • Laser Cut type designed by CAD/CAM Data is produced by a laser machining process which operates on the XY axis.


  • Smart phone
  • Wearable
  • Flexible
  • Hydrogen vehicle
  • Alternative energy


MaterialSUS 304H-TA (HV400) and all other materials
Processing thickness50㎛, 60㎛, 80㎛, 90㎛, 100㎛, 120㎛, 150㎛, 180㎛
Thickness precision± 5%
Processing precision± 10㎛
Minimum Openingminimum 80~100㎛
Applied Products0201, 0402, 0603, QFP, CSP, Fine Pitch, Bump, BGA
Deliverywithin 1 ~ 2 days
Frame Size650mm × 550mm or 736mm × 736mm
Draining of PasteExcellent
Features Direct laser design after data design - Quick delivery, Accuracy and High quality
Excellent printing quality due to outstanding positioning accuracy and precision printing
Fine pitch processing (0.1 ~ 0.3mm)
Linear openings with taper
Electrolytic polishing to form excellent openings after laser burrs removal
Application of Half Etching enables Step Mask
Alternative technology Etching Mask, E-FORM Mask
Applied Fields Surface Mounting(SMT), High integration circuit, High precision printing

Metal Mask Products

G6080 LPKF Laser SUS 304H-TA CAM Data laser direct processing

G6080 LPKF Laser Ni + Co E-FORM Plate manufacturing Direct laser processing on plate

Photolithography application to ferric chloride SUS 304H-TA material

Photolithography application after Laser Cut + Half Etching SUS 304H-TA

Photolithography application after Laser Cut + Half Etching SUS 304H-TA

Nano Coating after G6080 LPKF Laser US 304H-TA electrolytic polishing